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House of Spade

Center of INTUITIVE arts


The house that Spade built is a sanctuary for all who seek advice on relationships and intimacy. A sanctuary for women and men to discuss their personal concerns, intimate secrets or desires in a judgment free zone.

Sia is a well known intuitive throughout New England and the East Coast. She has developed a reputation that resonates with others in a down to earth manner. Her passion in creating the House of Spade was initiated by her travels throughout the country and abroad. She has found the key to unlocking the secrets of the heart.

Sia believes in the power of love. The ability to give and receive love is of the utmost importance. Once empowered you will be able to explore opportunities that were once out of reach.

Sia will use her knowledge and decades of experience as a relationship advisor to help you find and share your life with that special someone. Through the art of Tarot , intuition and astrology all aspects of establishing and securing a healthy relationship will be explored. 
Her dedication to helping you find the key to an intimate connection and unlocking blockages to your pathway of love will be identified and cleared.
Learn how to shift negative thoughts and empower your Feminine Goddess Divine.
Raise up your true Goddess to enable you to manifest and attract your hearts desire.



" Sia, thanks for the session, Not only was the reading accurate, but it also shed some very important information on the situation in my relationship. I found the me that was lost, and now enjoy the godess from within I'm looking forward to keeping in touch.Thank you very much"

- Anna

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"Thank you again for the reading. I'm glad I did it. With your gift, you have enabled me to look forward to many wonderful opportunities that I might be presented with in life."

- Dan

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